Have you had a true encounter with a ghost or the paranormal? If so, we invite you to share your experience with all of us here at P.R.E.Y.


08/19/2011 21:53

I had an encounter with a friend in downtown Albany near Bryant Park when I was in the 4th grade. We were riding our bikes and stopped by an abandoned house which had the windows boarded up, but you could still see in to the foyer. Upon looking in I noticed a pedastol with a bust on it which resembled a male's head which was turned away from my view. As I told my friend to look we both saw it turn it's gaze upon us. Of course we jumped back on our bikes and never returned to the house but still recall from time to time the events of that day, some 17 years ago.

11/09/2011 11:15

I worked at the Kuhn Theater in Lebanon. Hangers in both closets, in the lobby, used sway back and forth and hit the walls; we would open the door and no one would be there. Keys would be moved from the counter and then reappear on a different area. Lights went on and off, too. Once the Zenon bulb for the projector came on while we watched from the auditorium. Several employees saw ghostly apparitions, too.

09/29/2012 22:51

I can't lie the first time coming into the theater i had this odd feeling that someone was watching me from the stairs. And i just dismissed it because the atmosphere of the theater is dark. But i was uncomfortable the whole time while sitting in the theater itself. I could barely watch the movie because i got this odd paranoid feeling. When i left i felt immediately better. Odd but i always easily dismiss this. But i believe there is something with the kuhn theater. And am not shocked that their have been occurrences there.

11/15/2014 11:21

9 years ago when I was about 8 years old my friend and I were playing outside her house at night and we had seen a shadow of a person and we looked everywhere but there was no one and we were told that the street she lived in was supposedly like haunted so we didn't know if we had to ignore the shadow or not but that freaked me out. And they say my elementary school is also haunted which is right in front of her house


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    Oliver Hines Jr.

    In 1996 I had my first encounter with the paranormal while I was helping remodel an old hotel that was built back in the 1880's. I had my own room in the hotel and every night I used to hear footsteps, doors opening and closing by themselves,  a little girl running down the hallway screaming, and I even saw a shadow standing in the hallway looking at me


    February 2011